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Green Kilmore killers

Green Kilmore killers€ 2.00 Sold Out

Hook Size: 2/0. Mainline: 30lb. Snoods: 25lb By taking the winning formula of the original Kilmore Killers and adding the attraction of a Chartreuse tail we have made perfection even better! In brighter water this will out fish its sister rig for all the same species.

Red Kilmore Killers

Red Kilmore Killers€ 2.00

Hook Size: 2/0. Mainline: 30lb. Snoods: 25lb Once again, this rig is one of the products which put Shamrock firmly on the Fishing Map! The luminous body has been made slightly translucent to allow the red feather to show through which reflects a more lifelike bait fish. Really superb for Cod, Ling, Haddock, Pollock, Coalies,nbsp;… [View Details]

Shamrock fishing Tackle Bleeding Gloworm

Shamrock fishing Tackle Bleeding Gloworm€ 2.50

Free Shipping   Hook Size: 1. Mainline: 30lb. Snoods: 25 lb Made with only the finest material and the strongest hooks on the market, you know you’re going to fish with confidence! These guys will pull up even the biggest Wrasse! or pollack

Shamrock Fishing Tackle Kamikaze rig

Shamrock Fishing Tackle Kamikaze rig€ 2.50

Free Shipping   This Kamikaze rig puts me in mind of a discontinued trace that went by the name of the White Gremlin. The crux of the rig is a set-of-three white baby muppets with small lumi green beads above. The muppets are 7 cm long to 1/0 nickel hooks, while the main spine isnbsp;… [View Details]

Shamrock Fishing tackle limey Bs

Shamrock Fishing tackle limey Bs€ 2.50

FREE SHIPPING   These Irresistible Enticers are a real “must” for any angler looking to try and land some nice Cod for the table. The Lumi heads and Lime Green tassle make them irresistibl. Also great for mackerel, and pollock from rocks, pier or boat!!! Hook Size: 2/0 Mainline: 30lb No. of Hooks:3

Shamrock tackle Mardigra rig fishing tackle

Shamrock tackle Mardigra rig fishing tackle€ 3.00

Hook Size: 1. Mainline: 30lb. Snoods: 25lb If you were forced to only take one rig out to sea, but you needed to catch multiple species, then here you go! The Mardigra rig is sure to fill your day with variety!