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Berkley IronSilk Fishing Line

Berkley IronSilk Fishing Line€ 6.00

The world’s first Reinforced Polymer Fishing Line. New Berkley IronSilk is truly the next evolution in “tough” or abrasion resistant premium monofilament lines. Not a conventional monofilament, IronSilk is a super polymer. Almost like when iron rebar is used to reinforce concrete, Berkley scientists have discovered how to create a built-in molecular reinforcing network withinnbsp;… [View Details]

Dolphin supreme monofilament fishing line

Dolphin supreme monofilament fishing line€ 4

This is very strong and high quality line.

Eagle Claw Lazer Line

Eagle Claw Lazer Line€ 6.00

A tournament line of exceptional quality. Extremely strong, with high knot strengths, even in the thinnest diameters. Very soft, memory free line with amazing suppleness. Tested by some of the best anglers and under different fishing situations. A line that has proved to be the best choice of the demanding fisherman. Neutral colour, which isnbsp;… [View Details]